November 2015

Catching consumers by surprise

De-Korte-Remy-Martin_smIf you’re thinking of building a new mall, BOO! Surprising Media Solutions MD David McKenzie’s ambition is to leverage his company’s advancements in alternative media to your benefit by taking his place on your mall design team. One of the South African pioneers of mall advertising, McKenzie believes it’s around the design table that groundbreaking ideas and thought leadership in the wide variety of media available to surprise and delight customers, can have a major impact on the building’s future revenue-generating capacity.

Advertising that doesn’t look, feel or smell like advertising is one cornerstone of the philosophy that drives McKenzie. The others are proximity, exclusivity and unpredictability, driving the company together with its clients closer to the consumer, going where the competition hasn’t gone, and catching its audience off guard in the most effective and surprising way.

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