In what is probably a world first, BOO! have conceptualized and developed the strategic pairing of brands within the exclusive business class lounges across South African airports. BOO! has secured the exclusive rights to SLOW, SAA and Bidvest Premier Lounges. We are able to offer brands access to this premium audience across all 9 airports in South Africa. A well thought through strategic partner package only allows a maximum of two brands to engage at a time.

Roll-out into the rest of Southern Africa is imminent.

Range Rover: TV Network SAA Lounges   Hisense: TV Network SAA Lounges
Virgin Active: Newspaper wraps SAA Lounges   Virgin Active: Newspaper wraps SAA Lounges
Glenfiddich: TV Network Slow Lounges   FNB: TV Network Slow Lounges
Telkom: Wi-Fi Splash page Slow Lounges   Virgin Active: Wi-Fi Splash Page Slow Lounges
Virgin Active: SAA Lounges   BCX: SAA Lounges
Telkom: Lightboxes Bidvest Lounges   Master Card: Lightboxes Bidvest Lounges
Virgin Active: Tent Card SAA Lounges   BCX: Tent Card SAA Lounges
Glenfiddich: Newspaper wrap Slow Lounges   Virgin Active: Newspaper wraps Slow Lounges
BCX: Wi-Fi Slow Lounges   Virgin Active: Wi-Fi Slow Lounges
Chivas Regal: Reception Desk Standee Slow Lounges   CHIVAS REGAL: COMPLIMENTARY JACKET PRESSING
Jaguar-Wi-Fi-Splash-Page-SLOW-Lounges   ABSA Bidvest Business Class Lounge Port Elizabeth
Jaguar: Wi Fi Splash Page SLOW Lounges   Jaguar: Newspaper wraps SLOW Lounges