Carmen Leo
Production Director

Carmen joined the BOO! Media team in 2007, having worked with the same management team at POP as a founding member as well. With many years experience in print media production she has worked at leading companies, Independent Online and Old Mutual Properties (POP) on a fascinating mix of projects with responsibilities that include project management and campaign implementation…

A real home girl and chiller at the core… Carmen spends her leisure time with Noah Zion, her vivacious little prince and love of her life…  Her other passion she warily confesses has to be her obsession with beautiful homes and gorgeous spaces in places around the world and especially right here in picturesque Cape Town.  What’s not to fall in love with right?

While running with multiple projects that the BOO! Media team throws at her, she still manages to always keep her suppliers on their toes and constantly reminds everyone that; ‘The team that plays together stays together!”.  And that in a nutshell summarizes the incredible BOO! Family!

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