Candice Robertson
Production Manager Cape Town

I have lived in Johannesburg for the majority of my life where I built my career, but I have always had my sights set on Cape Town. I am ecstatic to finally be able to relocate to Cape Town to work for the hippest OOH company in SA, at the BOO! Cape Town office.

After school I studied film at Wits University, before settling on a career, I travelled and lived in Miami for six months. On my return I knew that I wanted to be a part of the exciting world of advertising. I was fortunate enough to get my start at a small agency, called On the Thread. 3 years in this role gave me the foundation I needed to be offered a production position at Ireland Davenport. This is where my love and passion for advertising and in particular production was ignited over 5 really good years.

In my personal time I am a gaming fiend, an Xbox fan girl at heart, but I will never turn down a challenge on any console or PC. Series, movies, music and drawing put me in my happy place and as much as I enjoy the aforementioned indoor activities I am also a big lover of the outdoors and enjoy being active as much as possible.

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