Karabo Mashishi
Business Development Manager

I’m a creative individual with an old soul, I’m passionate about Motoring, Style & Design in that order. I also love music & can’t function without it. I love looking good and am a very brand conscious individual.

I have a new- found passion for fitness and mountain biking & also love adventure and taking photos.

I was born and raised in Soweto, lived there until I was 18 years old and then I moved to the West of
Johannesburg. I matriculated at Allen Glen High School.

After graduating from Vega School in Marketing and Branding, I started working in the Media industry in
2012 with an OOH company called Wideopen Platform. After 3 years at Wide Open, I moved to Primall
Media as an Account manager for a further 3 years. I have had a good 6 year run at Primedia, within the
Primedia Unlimited division.

I am however excited to elevate my career to the next stage by joining BOO! Surprising Media Solutions.

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