Waldi Hoon
Executive Producer / GM of Campus Media

Waldi was born in Pretoria and moved to the Western Cape with her family in her teenage years. She spent high school in boarding school in Paarl, where she excelled in music and academics.

Waldi du Toit
Having always been passionate about the arts, she decided to take the plunge and pursue a career in film, so she completed her BA Motion Picture at AFDA Cape Town, majoring in cinematography.

After completing her degree, Waldi jumped straight into content creation for e-learning, working for the world’s leading online hospitality education platform, Lobster Ink, for 6 years. Through some seriously hard work, a curious mind and relentless determination she grew from videographer to Global Head of Production with a seat on the international executive committee. During this time, she designed, implemented and managed an efficient, creative and profitable department within a high-demand and fast-paced environment. More importantly, she was integral in strategising user experience within the learning platform’s digital framework, working closely with engineers and the digital team.

After this Waldi moved into advertising and worked as Head of Operations for a leading content agency, with a focus on format development and IP documentation. Applying her skills and experience from e-learning, she built a robust and scalable content production organisation, optimised for high-quality content creation.

Waldi has joined BOO! as our Executive Producer and GM of our newest division at BOO! – Campus Media.

She is focussing her energy on ensuring that our content is relevant, audience focussed delivering yet another Surprising Media Solution in the BOO! stable

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