Dave McKenzie MD, and a few of the BOO! Management team are the pioneers of mall media in SA, Dave founded and was MD of POP, a subsidiary company of Old Mutual Properties. POP was tasked with creating a media company that had the exclusive media rights to Old Mutual’s R10 billion property portfolio.

The BOO! team are skilled media professionals with a track record in senior management positions at blue chip media companies. The companies include; Mens Health, Sports Illustrated, CAR magazine, IOL – Independent Online, Virgin Active, Posterscope and POP.

After successfully launching and operating the award winning POP for two and half years it was time for the management team to break away and pioneer their own destinies.
BOO! has quickly established the exclusive advertising rights to a large portfolio of shopping malls in SA. On the back of this portfolio and infrastructure, BOO! has grown its media platforms into multiple complimentary channels with the common thread of offering ‘innovation that is complemented by implementation.’ BOO! has been able to attract highly talented media people with impressive track records as smart innovative media thinkers.

BOO! has successfully implemented multiple advertising campaigns for its blue chip client base across its innovative media channels.

BOO! have the exclusive media rights with most of the SA’s listed and / or large property funds.

Please don’t hesitate to call us on 021 448 3656 if you would like to discuss our empowerment policy further.

BOO! Media subscribes to the view that there are four primary drivers of successful alternative communications:

  1. Proximity!  The desire to get closer to a consumer, to his/her inner circle and natural environment
  2. Exclusivity!  The desire to go where the competition is not, and to create some time with the consumer
  3. Invisibility!  The tendency towards advertising that doesn’t look, feel or smell like advertising
  4. Unpredictability!   The desire to catch consumers off guard, to surprise them, to find a new angle to reach them.

BOO! Media will use these four pillars of alternative communications to drive the market’s understanding of the opportunity that the sector presents, and to clarify precisely how it can play an important role in brand communications strategies.  In the process, BOO! Media will inevitably become known as the thought leaders in alternative communications.

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